Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Late Day 2 Entry of the Final Class

Sorry for the delay. Got home late last night and was so tired. Did not sleep well Monday night and went straight to bed last night. Sleep better last night. Last night was an amazing class on communication. We did an exercise that was fun and would like to use it at a latter time at my church. You start out writing a sentence like "The boy followed the dog into the house." Then you fold it and pass it to the person to the right and they have to draw a picture based on your sentence and then they fold it over and pass it to the right and that person has to write a sentence based on the picture. Then they fold and pass it on, so forth and so on until you get your paper back. It is amazing how people interpret what others communicate through writing and drawing. Great example to keep in mind as a pastor when communicating with others and receiving communication from others. Alright, I will check in with you all tonight after class. Blessings to all. Pastor Jeffy G.

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