Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Final Class Memories

Sorry, I did not stay up with my entries that week. The class was amazing and worth the week stay in Westerville. The Preston Family took me in for the week and it was great hanging out with them. Terri came down on Saturday and we had dinner with friends from Westerville at the Der Dutchman in Plain City. The food was amazing. I preached at Westerville on Sunday and gave them an update on Youngstown. The Lord really moved in the service there. We immediately left for Nashville after service (and a quick lunch with the Carpenter's). We finally got back to Youngstown on Tuesday evening on the 17th. The rest of the week was slammed, getting caught up with church work. The Lord gave me a message from my week of class on the subject of Worship. I used Isaiah 6 as the main text. The Spirit of the Lord really moved in the service and we had one person come forward to pray at the altar. Worship is so much more than what we do on Sunday, it needs to become part of our everyday life. Keep me in your prayers. I have to make some big decisions soon. Love you all, Pastor Jeffy G.

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